The AlgoRhythm

With Ofir Lindenbaum, Shay Maskit and Ophir Kutiel ("Kutiman")

The increasing data transfer rates and storage capabilities, as well as the vast growth in user accessibility in recent years, enable internet users around the globe to share their musical creation, using platforms such as YouTUBE and MySpace. As a result, new form of musical creation was born: compositions made by combining unrelated samples of music.

ThruYOU , by the Israeli artist Kutiman , is an online music video project mixed from samples of unrelated amateur YouTube music videos. The project was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the 50 best inventions of 2009 (See examplary ThruYou compilations below).

While searching for musical samples in order to create a mix according to a specific musical attribute, Kutiman queried the YouTube database for videos that were indexed to have such an attribute. The search results were based on someone manually tagging the videos, and not on digital analysis of the musical attributes of the videos. Music is a complex form of information which is built from various musical features.

In order to extract, recognize and search by these musical features, a solution other than the standard metadata/tag search is required. The motivation for our work is providing tools which can be used in projects of the same nature as ThruYOU. This would enable musicians to search larger databases of music in less time, and get results which are content-based, thus broadening the spectrum of music to work with. The AlgoRhythm is a new search method which uses queries based on the musical features, designed for music compatibility.

A demonstration of the AlgoRhytm can be watched in the embedded footage, taken from the Israel channel 8 (discovery channel) show "Hayanshufim" with Yair Nizani . The second video is a lecture I gave at the 11:11 conference in Tel Aviv (July 2011). Note that both videos are in Hebrew.